Transparences (pastel)


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  • Below is a short biography of Mrs Claude Texier. 
    The schedule of some of her exhibitions can be found in a related section
  • Several paintings are displayed here. We hope they are representative of the artist's skill. 
    All paintings shown are currently in private collections.
  • Introducing the artist :


New painting

citadelle du désert (pastel)

Mrs.Claude Texier (a french woman) was born in Morocco, where she spent twenty of her first years (lights and colours are still engraved on her memory).

She learned and practiced drawing and painting early on. 

Since 1994, she has been focused on the art of pastel. 

She has taken part in exhibitions since 1995.

She has received awards in many exhibitions. 

She has been asked as "Guest of honour" in the exhibitions of  Montesson, Le Pecq, Villennes-sur-Seine, Roissy en Brie, Naintre, Bueil and Mennecy.

She has been regarded in France as a "Master Pastelist" since April 2000. 

She gains an Award in 2002 and 2003 at the "Pastel Only Show" of the PSA in New York. She gains the still-life award of PSEC exhibition (Pastel Society of Eastern Canada) in september 2006.

In April 2006, she is the guest of honour with Christina Debarry at the "Art du Pastel exhibition" in Giverny (France).

In october of 2006, she has been elected as a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA)

In september of 2007, she gains an Award (from the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay) at the 35th annual exhibition of the Pastel Society of America in NY. She is recognized as a PSA Master Pastelist.

In septembre of 2010 : 38th exhibition « Pastel Only » of the Pastel Society of America (NY) Claude gains the  : "Ringwood Manor Association Award" 

In november of 2011, during the 16th international exhibition of pastel "Les Pastellistes" in Montreal, she is recognized as a PSEC Master Pastellist.

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